Knowledge hub


The Knowledge hub collects and manages knowledge data for ad hoc purposes. It therefore constitutes an environment to facilitate the collection, organization and distribution of knowledge

A good practice is not only a practice that is good, but a practice that has been proven to work well and produce good results, and is therefore, recommended as a model. It is a successful experience which has been tested and validated, in the broad sense, which has been repeated and deserves to be shared so that a greater number of people can adopt it Read more >>

Development and cooperation projects are initiatives that have fostered the growth of Sustainable Food Systems, in one or more countries, through activities that have produced results contributing to the achievement of the main goal Read more >>

Here you find a repository of technical and scientific publications related to Sustainable Food Systems classified by topic, keywords, SDGs. Research feasible to carry out cooperation initiatives is that which is ready to be applied to address a specific need or challenge of a community, and which stimulates its development Read more >>

Collection of theses and research ready to be applied in the field Read more >>

This is a repository of national standards and laws regulating Sustainable Food Systems, on topics such as water, food and health, green and circular economy, animal well-being, etc Read more >>

Reports reflect the introduction of new system-wide performance reporting systems. The report presents evidence of activities on the Feed platform to support future performance in the field of sustainable food systems Read more >>